Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Dress for Gigi

I saw a instructions in Sew Stylish Magazine, Spring 2010, for a simple dress that I thought I could adapt for Gigi. The one in the magazine was for a woman, and had 10 godets. The instructions given for drafting the pattern were faulty (I e-mailed the magazine about that and I was right!). But i forged ahead using what I know about pattern drafting and design and the basic idea given and made this dress for Gigi.
I designed the pattern using 6 godets rather than 10 and added 2 casings with elastic to hold it in at the waistline. I like how it turned out and will probably use the same basic idea again. I used 1 yard of the pink fabric and 2/3 yd of the green and beige gingham. Total fabric cost was under $5.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

UFO Sighting...

Well, it was a UFO but it isn't anymore! I finally quilted this. The quilt is a row robin swap quilt and my request was for orphan blocks of whatever size put together with whatever filler was necessary for a 12" x 48" row. I really like how it turned out. I received lots of interesting blocks. The top row is the row I made. 2 of the blocks were test blocks for 2 different recipients in a birthday swap (Lantern and paper pieced spiky block) The star in a circle has paper pieced curves for the star background Then the circle with star was set into a square of fabric with a circle cut out. ...I had seen the technique in a magazine and wanted to try it out.
I decided to try different quilting patterns on the various blocks. All was done free motion marking whatsoever.

this is just a sampling...I don't want to spend all day taking pictures and posting them!