Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday...but it's Tuesday today!

Here's what's on my design wall.  These will be the final gifts to  our advent friends, so I need to get them done by January 8th.  Mother and daughter scrappy trips quilts from November block lotto winnings!

I've been busy!

I've been very busy.  My quilts quilted on the Tin Lizzie now number sixty-one! 11 of those were included in my Christmas gifting!
1st gift quilt is and ABC quilt for granddaughter Serenity.  I quilted the letters of the alphabet in the blocks adjoining pictures depicting things that start with each letter.

The backing is a pretty floral from the stash.

Next up is a quilt for my sister, Mary.
This is made from winning of the September 2011 block lotto. Batik Curvy Rail blocks.  Quilted in an all-over freehand design I'm calling "Sun Swirl Meander "

Back of Mary's quilt also from the stash.

Next a quillow for Mimi.
I used liberated astar block which I also won in the block lotto.  These have been aging for over a year.   Bright green sashings of different sizes horizontally and vertically and rectangular red cornerstones finished by a fun border fabric and red binding.

The quilting shows really well on the dark green corduroy backing.  I quilted a freehand ribbon-flower meander.  the pillow panel is made fro a cotton velour.  A very comfy-cozy quillow. Mimi loves it!

A quillow for Katy.  WHen she told me she wanted a new quillow  I decided I could find blocks in the UFO stash that would work.  First I found 15 Swapper's Star blocks that I swapped several years ago.  Not enough for a quilt top, but if I made 2 more and did alternate blocks..hmmm...could work.  Then I found a bag of forgotten swapped 9-patch blocks in the same size as the stars.  Surely from the 100 or so 9-patches I could find 18 that would work with the stars.  I think I did! Floral border (aqnd backing) from the extensive floral stash at the guest house.  This quilt came together in just a few days.  I quilted with a funky feather meander allover design.

Here it is folded into a pillow.  I used another 9 patch and border fabric to make the pillow panel.

Next I quilted six quilt tops Mom had made to be donated to a veteran's center. I only took picture of 5 of them.  This one is outline quilted on the appliqued picture, meandered in the background and a simply feather type border.

This one has star centered fan quilting.

Outlined the Eagles and ribbon candy in the border.

Outlined the flag and the rest is allover paisley echo freehand.

Back of the above.

Back of the following.  The quilting really shows up well on this.  I did a fairly detailed outlining of the center panel, a swirl centered fan freehand, and a simple feather border.
Front of  the above.
I also quilted one more for Mom,  but failed to take  a picture.

Last quilt is Johnny's.  I asked him his favorite color: green.    Found a large piece of green I thought he would like in the stash and used it for backing, binding, and the main diagonal of Scrappy Trips Blocks from Bonnie Hunter's website.

I quilted with a freehand swirl centered fan design.  i love the texture fan quilting gives to a quilt.
In addition to the quilts I made 4 scarves, 3 skirts, 2 aprons (cooking and woodworking) , a fabric journal cover, a pair of pajamas and an apple crumb pie...No pictures of any of those...