Sunday, October 2, 2011

5 more quilted in 3 days time...

Mom brought me 4 quilts Monday that needed quilting. Three of them had been
pillowcased and turned and I said I could try to put them on the longarm to quilt rather than tying them. The first one i just did a quick meander, and it turned out okay,

so the next 2 I did "in the ditch" quilting....but not really a ditch as they were cheater panels not pieced tops
They turned out pretty nice, and will be going to the KC Ladies auxilary for their charities. The 4th was a panel and I had to piece together the batting.
I quilted and bound it... Note to self and anyone else who might care...printed checks should not be cut WOF for binding strips if you want the checks to line up right. note the twisted look because the checks are crooked.
Then I decided to quilt one of mine for Community projects.

The fun thing is the binding...Mom brought me a baggie with some bindings in it and one was the leftover binding from when I made Katy's hearts and chains quilt (appliqued hearts set in an Irish Chain)with a scalloped edge 13 years ago...narrow bias binding , but the colors worked. I usually like darker binding but the pink and purple theme was a bit dark and the binding was pink and purple as well. I quilted a freehand flowers and ribbons design.

I think the binding looks better with the back of the quilt than the top..

I think I have 5 left to quilt for community projects and another 5 or so for Sunshine. Guess I'll be busy. But I have NAQG board meeting Monday, KC Ladies Auxillary meeting Tuesday, girls to the dentist Tuesday, and boys to the dentist Thursday (different dentists). And Denny is working days for the next couple of months so he won't be doing school with the kids....but maybe I can have him take them to R.E Wednesday evening so I can just stay home!