Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where has the summer gone?

I feel like life has been too crowded with things I have to do. And things are changing around here. Mom and Dad have purchased a house in Sulphur, OK and Mom will be moving there in the next month or so. Meanwhile guess who volunteered to paint the whole interior of the house and needs to help get things ready to move in....yep! Me!! No way Mom would be able to do all that work. One room left to paint: the kitchen, currently dark red with black trim on the soffits, being changed to light yellow walls and we'll see if the soffits can stay red and black. Denny still has electrical work to do and also some trim work in the bathroom where we put in linoleum. And another toilet to replace. Then deep cleaning the kitchen and it will be move in ready.
I have a sewing project I must get done on Saturday. KC Garage sale is next week...I'm hoping to paint early in the week then work the Garage Sale. And then we want to go visit Jamie and Annie Aug 25-30...still need to plan for that and make arrangements. And possibly Mom and Dad will move before our trip....Maybe in September things will settle down...until we start gearing up for wedding prep next year!