Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jannie's wedding quilt....Block#1 done

Here it is, the first block for Jannie's wedding quilt. It came together nicely and once I get pieces all cut to size I'll start the other 63 blocks (10" blocks)

OKC Winter Quilt Show Pictures

I finally did something with my pictures from the winter quilt show....started a new Webshots album. My personal choice won the viewer's choice award this year. I always have a hard time choosing one favorite from among so many wonderful quilts. Here it is: Oklahoma Rising

To see other quilts go to my Webshots and choose the OKC Winter Quilt Show 2008 album

Thursday, January 10, 2008

OKC Winter Quilt Show

Yesterday I spent the day as a volunteer helping with the quilt hanging at the convention center for the OKC Winter Quilt show which runs today through Saturday. I had a great time, learned a bit and got a few ideas for the NAQG Show, and I got plenty of exercise. I walked 20,000 steps yesterday!!! Tomorrow Mom and I will go to the show. You don't really get to look at the quilts while hanging them, more at the overall setup, balance, etc between quilts. Since I was given complimentary show and lecture tickets in appreciation for a long days work, I'll go back on Saturday for the lectures and a bit more looking on my own. I find quilt shows to be great inspiration and motivation for getting to work on my own quilts.

Wedding Quilt Progress Report

I have managed to spend a few hours working on the quilt. Now I have a bin of 1.5" strips in blues and browns. 5500 inches of strips of each! Also I've cut 768 light blue and 1144 beige print 1.5" squares needed. Next step...I'll sew a test block!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I have a new Granddaughter!

Serenity Autumn was born yesterday afternoon at 3:54 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs.. SHe's 19" long and I think she's cute as can be! Her parents are my son Nick and his wife Jackie.

Friday, January 4, 2008

January Lotto string blocks done!

I'm still feeling a bit blah, but I did get into the sewing room and make 8 string blocks for the BOM Lotto. 4 pairs of one dark and one light block per pair. I do like string quilts...maybe I should make one to keep for myself! Last one I did was for NAQG Community Projects...I took a bag of strings"no one wanted to mess with", sewed strips together and cut squares from the resulting fabric. Added some HST's and a somewhat off the wall layout. The colors were not anything I would have thought wold work together...strings of pinks,teals, rusts and HST of a minty green print and red with grey dots. Sounds bad, but I like the way it all worked out. The backing was from the guild stash...a huge poly blend calla lily print that had the colors from the top in it and a dark blue background. What a happy coincidence!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year....a bit late!

Well, I finished my Christmas sewing at 9 p.m. Christmas Eve...2 skirts, 2 jumpers, one tote bag, and one vest done in 2 days time. The great news is they all fit and were liked by their recipients! Bad news...I didn't take pictures :-( Then I came down with a nasty cold that had me pretty well wiped out on Christmas day and the day after. I was starting to feel better by Thursday, and we got a call that DH's uncle had died, so DH and I made a trip to KY for the funeral. Left home Thursday evening and got back late Sunday. Then I caught a stomach bug for New Years and slept most of the day. Yesterday was my first day to be back to normal and we went to get bridesmaids dresses ordered. Today I actually made it into the sewing room, cleared off the cutting mat (not the whole table, but room to work), and put borders on a quillow top I'm doing for Mimi to give to her BF Matt. She wanted a pieced top for the quillow and I had these rows from the First row robin swap I did. My theme was orphan blocks. I had almost completely forgotten about these and found them when Mimi asked if I had any blocks she could use (although I am the one doing the sewing!) Anyway for the swap I asked for swappers to use their orphan blocks or if they didn't have any (!) they just make random sized blocks and then use filler blocks to put into a row 12" x 48". I sent along various scraps for the fabric they could use if they wanted. Now that I have the rows sewn together, I wonder why I didn't finish this sooner...I like how it looks. I hope Matt does!! I also got all the fabrics for Jannie's Wedding Rings quilt washed and dried. Tomorrow I start cutting!