Friday, February 25, 2011

Changes in progress

Katy got almost all moved out on Wednesday. I say almost because she has a few things left in the closet to decide about, She bought a full size bed from on Craig's list, and found a bargain on a "Bed in a Bag" set marked down from $100 to $25 because the pillow shams were missing.

Today I finished cleaning up in the big girls room and moved all of Mimi's stuff to one side of the room. Gigi's mattress was moved in; Rose will be using Katy's old mattress. The boys took down the bunk beds and took them over to the guest house...getting them set up will wait until we get things done here as it will require rearranging boxes of Mom's stuff.

Tomorrow I'll move Ggi's dresser and RoseE's desk and hopefully at least get the first coat of paint done. I think 2 coats will be required to cover Pepto Pink with "Mint Shake" green. I still need to get closet organzier stuff...or maybe Denny can do that tomorrow. Hoping Mimi can move into her new room Monday or Tuesday. And speaking of Mimi, she found a job to replace the disaster of a job she had found. She will now be working at Tuxedo Junction. I hope this one works out better than $1 Jewelry Galore!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another one finished and Changes

I got this one for community projects finished last week...but didn't have the camera. Now i won't get any quilting done for a while...except at guild workday next Monday. Katy is moving out of the house today, into a house in Norman with a couple of other girls. Then we are rearranging the bedroom arrangement. Gigi and RoseE will switch rooms with Mimi...but before Mimi moves into the room we will be painting it. It will be major upheaval to empty out that room for painting! I'm hoping to get it all done and everyone resettled within a week......i GUESS THAT MEANS I NEED TO GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GET TO WORK!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Liberated stars #1 is DONE!

I finally quilted the liberated stars top this week. Snow days are good for quilting if i can get the tablespace for the basting free. I had fun doing different fillers in each block and alternating between curvy and straight designs from one block to the next.
Mimi got a job, but I'm still hoping she'll be around enough to get some patterns and clothes made for her. Looks like Katy will be moving out to share a house with Caitlin Schudalla and another girl. Things are changing!
Heading to Wichita Falls this afternoon to buy a car! Yippee!!