Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day 2012

Merry Boxing Day! The kids all liked there presents and Katy outdid herself on all the gifts she made:dresses for the girls, hats for Johnny, and an ornament for us with Patricks ultrasound picture and the saying "The best parents become Grandparents". I was floored to get an iPad from Joshua.  Now I need to figure out how to make the most of it.  Time to clean up all the mess from Christmas Day, make soup, do laundry and pack for a 5 day trip to Kentucky, go to the mall and get new notepads on my glasses and get RoseE's ears pierced,  and go to Stitching Post and exchange the quilting template Denny bought for my Christmas gift ( I already have the one he bought so now I can pick out one I want).  I wonder if I will find some time to quilt...I have 2 I need to get done ASAP for the latest Habitat For Humanity house recipients. After we get home, niece Claire and  one or two kids will be coming for a weekend visit.  I have to get Remi's quilt quilted and bound. Mid-January I head to Florida for a week to babysit the grandsons while Kristi goes to Georgia to find a house to move to at the end of March. Victor started working in GA just before Thanksgiving.  Hoping they get to stay there a long time! After Florida we start to focus on Mimi's May 4, 2013 wedding to Trey Trammell, and the arrival of Patrick Liam Jay (Chris and Katy's baby) in late February.  Life does stay busy!