Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas Eve in Oklahoma

I finished my for Josh, Mimi, Katy, Gabe, JoeE, RoseE, Johnny, Ginger and Jim and Gail. We were going to go buy a few things today when Denny got off work, but it had started snowing, so he went to do it himself and called me for consultation on gifts. But he wasn't able to get to Wal-mart for the groceries I wanted. And he isn't able to get home! He's staying with friends tonight. Masses have been canceled for tonight and we are hoping we can get in for Mass in the morning. Fortunately the Astro has 4 wheel drive....

Note the depth of the snow by the minivan...that's a lot for Oklahoma! And we have plenty of firewood to keep us warm.


sophie said...

I thought about you today as they were talking about the storm–it's actually still snowing in Dallas, now.

I hope your husband can get home safely and that you all can enjoy a very Merry Christmas.

Mama Koch said...

I found your link on stashbusters...a fellow Okie!