Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No more quilts done

I haven't been sewing much, and nothing new is finished. I attended a string piecing workshop taught by Elsie Campbell and started some, but haven't even sewn the blocks together yet. I have 3 trial layouts....actually I will either do the alternating dark/light kites for one quilt or do 2 quilts, one with dark kites, one with light. These are just what I had at the time, not enough for the whole quilt. But these are on hold for a while.
I need to make some clothes for myself and RoseE for Easter. And I need to finish some of the quilts I have already started. Towards that end, I readied pattern and fabrics for RoseE's dress today, and I layered and pinned a quilt that has been waiting for quilting for about 3 years. The weather was beautiful today and I was able to get 4 load of laundry washed and hung out to dry as well. We are working on a garden area, but it was still a bit too wet since the weekend's snow to work on today. Next step is a bit more tilling and leveling and then we put up a fence and frame the beds with landscape timbers.
Johnny turned 10 on Sunday...just one child left who is not in double digits Ginger will be 7 May 31st. While she will always be my baby, she isn't a baby anymore. She's getting to be a young lady.

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