Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I went ahead and bound and labeled that last quilt for Community Projects....after I had quilted, bound and labeled this one that Mom left for me to do last week.

I have more tops waiting...2 from Mom and a crumb quilt I made last weekend are all ready to go except I need to cut batting.  I think I can get 4 smallish quilts out of the one king size W&N batting I have, but I'm just not sure I want to cut it up.  Wal-Mart isn't carrying the cotton batting anymore...at least it hasn't been in the store when I have checked lately.  And I haven't been seeing king size poly batting either.  I really need to just bite the bullet and buy a roll of 96" wide cotton batting like we get for the guild community projects.

Mimi express a liking and desire for a crumb block quilt when she moves out and gets a full size bed after seeing this crumb quilt top I made last weekend.  So I am sewing crumb blocks since the scrap drawer was getting too full anyway and I have no other projects lined up that I have to be working on.  

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Pattilou said...

That is a very nice crumb quilt beginning! Of course, I love crumbs!