Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bedtime report 12-06-07

Time to head to bed, but I thought I'd post a report of the day first. I spent most of the morning on the computer, with the kids taking turns doing lessons at my side. This seems to be developing into a routine and works rather well except I need to get off my rear and walk around more often! This afternoon I had to balance Mom's checkbook, and then I cut some more 1.5" strips. Decided on pastel blues and greens for my lights and am hoping I have enough left for the next step. I managed to get a few sewn together, before going out for the evening and am set to sew tomorrow afternoon. Church tomorrow evening early, but maybe more sewing in the later evening hours. Saturday brings a trip to Texas with Mom to see Nieces Vicky and Emily's play at no sewing. I really need to get a few plans for Christmas presents together, and get myself moving on making gifts...I didn't empty any scrap bins today....I may be a few days before I check in again and update with any progress.

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Chele said...

I found your blog when I read the recent "Stashbuster" digest today. I really like your Carolina Crossroads quilt you started. I haven't started mine. I think the amount of blocks is a tad overwhelming. I was wondering if you homeschool? I noticed you said your children doing lessons at your side. It sounds like something that I would say about my boys. Well, just curious. Have a great week.