Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

Another day, another quilt top done. And another one started. I finished the second baskets with 9-patches and rails top, that I laid out yesterday.

Then I went over to Mom's for a bit and helped her decide on and cut borders, sashings, and backs for 7 or 8 quilts. Someone donated a bag with 148 quilt blocks in it to the Ladies Auxiliary and Mom brought them home Saturday...these will be utility type quilts. The blocks are colorful, but wonky and mostly made with poly/cotton blend (looks to me like Palencia Broadcloth form Wal-mart). I'll try to remember to get some pictures when she gets these done.

I was gone most of the evening, but I did work on the single basket block I had leftover. It will finish out as a 45" square quilt. Here's the start:

Tomorrow I hope to work some more on this. I actually have already added the triangles needed to make this a square and cut 6.5" borders of the floral strip fabric. I just need to attach them and miter the corners, and decided not to attempt that late at night. But tomorrow will be a busy day, as I have to bake a fudge filled cheesecake and take it up to church for the Knights of Columbus' Outback Steak Dinner (Ladies Auxiliary provides desserts, Outback provides the dinner food). And then we will be out all evening for the dinner and other plans. And I just looked at the time! Yikes as busy as tomorrow is, I better head to bed now (12:50 a.m.)

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