Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Here's what's on my design wall. With my Tin Lizzie due to arrive in a week or so, I am inspired to get some tops done. These are Wonky Churn Dash blocks I won in last year's April Block Lotto. 48 blocks and I decided to not make two 24 block layouts. I'm thinking scrappy floral setting triangle for the on point layout, as the blocks are alternated between floral and plain backgrounds.
The blocks are square and all the same size. The picture is a bit angled to get it all in as my room is only 6.5 ft wide. But that is where my big wallspace is so larger tops have to be laid out on that wall. The end wall of the room will only hold a 48" top on the flannel, so I use it for smaller quilts. Easy to step back and get a good look at for moving blocks around and taking nice square pictures!. My ideal sewing room would have a 8" wide design wall with plenty of room to step back and still look straight on at the wall.
These blocks are the leftovers after setting up the on point layout. I'm considering sashing possibilities as these will only finish at 9" block size. I tried a strip of red I had laying on the table and it might be a good choice, followed by a bit of a floral border.

On another note, we have chicks. Post office called today at 6:30 to say come pick up your box.
Baby chicks are awfully cute. The ones above are the Red Star and the Black Australorps.

And these are The Golden Polish Crested and a Dominique.
We got 51 in all. 15 Red Star females, 16 Black Australorp straight run, 7 Golden Polish Crested straight run, and 3 Dominique pullets (these are supposed to make good broody hens, so maybe we can hatch our own rather than buy chicks next year).


Cherie in St Louis said...

Wow, that's a lot of baby chicks! Isn't it amazing they can be delivered via the mail????

Charlene S said...

Cute quilts and cuter chicks!

secinor said...

Could you tell me how you made your design wall?

AnnieO said...

Fun wonky blocks! Lots and lots of chicks, you will be very very busy.

Saska said...

My chicks aren't here yet, but everything is ready for them.

Was looking at your've got a lot of quilts in your future!

Gari said...

We had chicks when I was little and I dumped them all out on the living room floor. Really cute but not apprecaited.