Monday, May 2, 2011

No change on design wall Monday

My design wall hasn't changed from last time. I've been busy using my new Tin Lizzie 18. I have quilted 5 quilts and decided last ight no more quilting until I get these bound. # done, 2 to go (hopefully today). So I just pulled down the blocks on the end design wall so I could take pictures of the quilts.
Here is the first one quilted. A definite learning experience. Always stabilize the center if you want to quilt the border before the center. A vining flower border and loop-d-loops in the center. The puckering and tucks on the back of this are incredible...but I'm not re-doing will keep someone warm and cozy as is. I need to decide on a binding. The backing is a big blue on white feathery kind of print. Very busy and really hides the puckering.

The second one I did was a simple cars on a road print and I just quilted down the center of the road. I added a red and black checker to the black and white checker to make the backing big enough. I'll bind with the red and black.

Next onto Lizzie was a snowball block quilt my mother donated to community projects. With two whole quilts under my belt I decided to get fancy on this one. I quited the borders and stabilized the blocks with stitch in the ditch and then went back and quilted the blocks. Each navy background block has a feathered wreath. I traced a circle with chalk and added freehand feathers. After doing a few i decided to also trace circles as guidelines for the inside and outside limits for the feathers . By the time I had done 15 of them, I have a fairly respectable feathered wreath...not show quality work yet, but it is just my third quilt! Alternate blocks have various freehand quilting

Next onto the machine was a two panel length of fabric....2 quilt tops and matching backings, I decided to quilt the 2 tops in different styles. I am very pleased with how they turned out. And I definitely want to invest in an extension for the machine to be used for ruler work and some templates/rulers. As is I made do using my 6" long add a quarter ruler. Again, not show quality work, but all in all they turned out very nice. I even got binding onto them...backing fabric for binding.

And here is a picture of my Lizzie!


Chris said...

They will be show quality in no time! :)

Margie Campbell said...

You are getting better with each quilt!

Go to

And watch and the free designs Patsy has online & practice them.

I'm still not really good at freehand, but getting better all the time. it really takes a lot of practice. I put old sheets on the machine...and try different threads & designs...when done, I cut them into cage size squares and serge the edges..these are donated to our local vet. They love having something besides a thin towel for the sick animals.

Pattilou said...

Lots of fun quilts here. I especially liked the snowball quilt. My quilter hates stitch in the ditch on her longarm. Personally I like it in combination with other quilting. But, so it goes--to each her own.

Here's hoping your learning curve is short and your humor gets you through it. Can't tell you how many puckers I've blindstitched closed--I've learned to use busy fabrics or on my DSM to starch the heck out of the back.

I'm so jealous of your longarm! of these days--maybe even a midarm would be welcomed by me!