Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another One for Community Projects

I brought some blocks home Monday evening from NAQG Community Projects workday. While returning all my sewing supplies to their rightful places at home I pulled the blocks out and decided to arrange them on the design wall. Then I decided to just sew a few together and I ended up staying up until 1 a.m. and finishing the quilt top. Yesterday I got it quilted and this morning I added the binding and label. I did a faux piped binding again. This time because I had found a piece of fabric i wanted to use for the binding but it was only 8" by width of fabric. I knew I would need 5 WOF strips to bind the quilt. My normal binding is cut in 2.5" strips. But if I do the faux piped binding the binding fabric is cut 1.5" and the piping fabric is cut 1.75" so I had enough to do that. And I do like the extra little pop the binding gives to the finished quilt. In this case it helped carry the white used in the center blocks out to the edge of the quilt. My freehand quilting design on this quilt is loops and asterisks.
I used some polka dot fabrics I bought a few years ago for the backing. I hope some child in a crisis situation finds some comfort from this quilt.

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