Thursday, June 9, 2011

I've been Busy!

I mentioned an idea for a 4 fabric quilt using the block lotto June block on Monday. Well, I had actually picked out fabrics on Sunday, and Monday afternoon I went ahead and made the quilt top. 3 hours and 15 minutes from fabric to completed top, start to finish including cutting time. Not bad!
Tuesday I decided to get the 2 tops Pat F. in Sunshine guild had sent for quilting done. And I did get them both quilted, even though I also had potluck and meeting at church Tuesday evening. Wednesday I was supposed to take a friend for a doctor appointment in the afternoon, but she cancelled so I was home until 4:00. I sewed bindings on the 2 Sunshine Quilts.Hard to see but the one above is quilted with a meandering half sun swirl design. The quilting shows a little better on the one below. It is a baptist fan variation.

And then I pieced a back for my quick quilt. And got it loaded on the machine before I had to leave for the evening. After Choir practice I quilted it with freehand baptist fans, which I think turned out a little nicer than the ones on the string quilt. My spacing of lines improved a bit and quilted all the way across the quilt one row at a time in opposite directions. This morning I made a faux piped binding as i had seen in this tutorial and after my morning routine I sewed it on the quilt.
I am quite pleased with how it turned out. It's amazing what a difference an 1/8" line of white piping can make. Actual working time on this quilt start to finish was less than 8 hours.

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