Thursday, January 10, 2008

OKC Winter Quilt Show

Yesterday I spent the day as a volunteer helping with the quilt hanging at the convention center for the OKC Winter Quilt show which runs today through Saturday. I had a great time, learned a bit and got a few ideas for the NAQG Show, and I got plenty of exercise. I walked 20,000 steps yesterday!!! Tomorrow Mom and I will go to the show. You don't really get to look at the quilts while hanging them, more at the overall setup, balance, etc between quilts. Since I was given complimentary show and lecture tickets in appreciation for a long days work, I'll go back on Saturday for the lectures and a bit more looking on my own. I find quilt shows to be great inspiration and motivation for getting to work on my own quilts.


Vicky aka stichr said...

Looking forward to pictures!

Phyllis Williams said...

I am surfing the CC Mystery ring and oogling all the goodies. Serenity is a little dollbaby...Congrats~

What colors are you using? Nosy quilters wanna



Mama Koch said...

I completely forgot about going to the QuiltShow! Last year it was snowed/ice over and I couldn't get there.