Friday, January 30, 2009

Enough is Enough!

Yikes! I was ready to leave today...just pack up and go live somewhere else. No one was cooperating. I want to get laundry done without the dryer and asked the kids yesterday to be sure and get their laundry into the laundry room and sorted so I could easily get it going and hung out in plenty of time to dry. Did they? NO!! And then when I do get in there to get a load going, I find clean folded clothes they were too lazy to put away thrown in with the dirty stuff! ARGHH!!! The house is a disaster after 3 days of non-stop playing in the snow. And we've used up all the firewood I cut last week for Denny's birthday present. And I had to pay bills. And I started doing taxes and unless Mimi's tuition costs help we will owe a few hundred to the IRS. At least Oklahoma will be refunding some to us. And how am I ever going to get to sew if I'm having to do things the kids were supposed to have done? By golly I spent all that money on a new machine, I better get to use it!!!

SO when Denny got home from work and headed out with the kids to cut some wood, I headed into the sewing room. I needed to just get something! SO I pulled out the remainder of my blocks from the Tipsy Drunkards Path swap I did, and started putting them up on the design wall. I grouped them with same color backgrounds in 4's to form blocks and alternated blue and yellow background was okay I guess, but not good enough. When Denny came in he I asked and he really didn't care for it. RoseE said have both color of background in each block. I tried that and was pleasantly surprised...not half bad. SO I got the blocks all sewn together while Deny fixed salmon for dinner. After dinner I went to find border fabric. Dark blue check with gold stars looked okay next to the blocks, but again, it could be better. Denny suggested put another color between blocks and border. RoseE suggested red. I tried a small strip of red I ad laying on the table and it did look better that way. But I didn't have enough of that red. So I ended up with a red backgroung plaid with yellow and dark blue in it...fussy cut down the lines of the plaid. It went together without a problem. And it turned out a good ending to an awful day.

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Carol E. said...

I love it, and guess what... it is very similar to what I am making for my guild's challenge that will hang in our upcoming show. I just need to hurry and finish it.