Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 3, 2009

New Year's day was a lazy day around here. Church in the morning and lunch out. Then home and Denny and the kids went to find some firewood. I stayed home and did computer stuff. Printed out lists for Sunshine Lotto and QBL so I can try to do some blocks each month. Later in the evening I decided to make crumb blocks for a while....20 blocks didn't even begin to make a dent in the scrap drawer I need to set a deadline and sew crumb blocks everyday until then and then throw away the scraps that are left (I'm talking about the small stuff here...) .

After sewing 20 crumb blocks I pulled out my stash of crumb blocks (lots!) and played with laying some out. Then I had a flash of inspiration for a setting with the sashing strips looking interwoven. I tried it using some solid strips I had in the drawer but it didn't really work with so many colors of strips. It was late so I put it all away.

Friday I decided to make QBL Lotto blocks...the block is Amish Diamonds from The Quilter's Cache. Fabric choices this month: solids. Now I don't use solids much, and I don't buy fabric specifically for Lotto has to come from my stash. I was surprised to find as many solids as I did. I cut components from each color and then did mix'n'match to make the blocks.

In the process I found I had enought of 3 fabrics to use with crumb blocks. After finishing the 12 Lotto blocks i set to work. I statred out thinking I'd do a 5x5 block layout, but changed it to 5x6. It took a bit of pondering but I finally figured out how to do the construction and spent a few hours on it.I really like how it turned out.

Ihave a busy week coming up. I volunteered to help hang quilts for the OKC Winter quilt show. Hanging is all day Wednesday and the show runs Thursday through Saturday. The Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece By Piece display will be at the show and on Thursday I will be taking Mom and my friend Donna to the show. I will probably go at least one other day...I want to find some embellishments for the jacket I'll be making soon. Now I need to get busy. It is a beautiful day outside and I want to hang laundry out to dry. And I want to do some more cleaning out and sewing in the sewing room.


hamilton/panayotou said...

I really like how you've set those blocks! Any chance of a tutorial or advice, notes or tips.

carmen said...

chance of a tutorial or advice, notes or tips.I second that!!