Saturday, January 31, 2009

So, Do Something About It!

I woke up today resolved to do something about my sewing room. It is just totally out of control. Every time I start to clean up , I get sidetracked by a project as soon as I have just enough room to work. So I'm going public with the mess and my intention to clean it up. I have recently rejoined Flylady and am going to try to apply her principles to this situation. #1 Baby steps. In place of the shiny sink I need a clear cutting table. Today I will be focusing on that. And I will also use a timer to keep me on track and take breaks. Everyday I will end with a clear cutting table before going to bed. SO between now and 3:00 this afternoon am going to work on this, then I get to sew. I have a table set up in the living room and will take all the stuff from the sewing table in there and then set the table up to start cutting those scraps into usable sizes also Bonnie Hunter's scrap user's system. I have bins in the closet that I intended for that, and even started with some already. Babysteps...15 minutes a day after the big push today. Here are pictures of my starting point.

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Morning Star said...

I LOVE this ... the story of my life right now. Great idea about Flylady. Seeing your results gives me hope, thanks!

By the way, this is the first time I ever realized you had this blog! This is so cool, good job!

Cindy C.