Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1 down, 1 left....

Late Christmas packages that is.

I finished Jackie's apron and we mailed the package without me getting a picture, but it is just an adult size copy of Seri's apron. Now I need to pull out the table runner for Kristi and Victor and see what it will take to finish it. I have a miserable cold and don't think I want to work on anything too complicated. Waiting for my pot of chicken soup to get done.... well, actually waiting for the bread to be ready to bake...a few more minutes rising I think. Dinner will be delicious and comforting and hopefully speed my recovery!

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Mama Koch said...

Did I read where you're going to help at the OKCity quilt show this weekend? I'm taking a class on Friday. Hope it's a good show...have fun!